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We are located in Crawfordsville, Indiana


And here we are, Ginger and Michael

Michael is English and Ginger is American.


Ginger works full time and then slaves away at home doing the ebay accounting whilst Michael lists items on ebay and packs them when sold.  We both attend auctions looking for interesting items for our customers.


Ginger works full time and is a five times published author of large text books about working in the travel industry for colleges. 


Despite having an arm and a leg paralysed following a brutal attack 28 years ago, I ran an antique shop in Malvern UK as well as sold at many top antique fairs there. However, the strain of 15 years of unloading furniture, silver and china and setting up 6 tables full of goodies proved too much of a strain for my working side.

I therefore retrained in computing, but whilst doing this discovered that many severely disabled people could benefit from my help. Their disabilities included being wheelchair users, inability to speak, hear, see, use their arms etc yet having great minds and personalities.

I obtained a lottery grant to pay my expenses and spent 2 years teaching them to become more inclusive through the use of computers. This, however, left me financially unstable, so I decided it was time for me again, hence back to antiques, but this time with less physical strain!

Thus ebay. We shall be looking for unusual and good quality antiques and collectibles as well as scouring auctions throughout the Mid-West.

Ginger and I were married in Crawfordsville on July 10th 2003 (that is the correct date, honey, isn't it?) and I have a permanent resident visa with the aim of becoming a citizen after 5 years.

I am proud to be on the board of the local Kiwanis and hope my web and antique skills will help to raise money for children in need.

Ginger is a quietly (unlike me!) talented woman. She was a teacher for 15 years at a post secondary private school teaching world geography and airline reservation computer systems. She is also a five times published author of text books for the travel industry. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment, however is putting up with me and packing mountains of ebay items after a hard day's work 25 miles away!