Trip back to England

Will you miss me Pixie?


My transport from Indy.  The passengers had complained of my jokes so much I was to be towed behind the big plane in the little one!  And to be cut free if I carried on!


Chicago on a hazy evening


Wrong side of the tracks?


Dawn over the Atlantic (No, not THAT Dawn!)


At last!  The green green grass of my old home.


The Severn bridge over the Bristol channel


English roundabout.  Saves on traffic lights and confuses the tourists!


Just outside Heathrow.  Notice several swimming pools.


I think we're being followed! 


Anyone any good at jigsaws? 


Who turned that darn fan on?


Wow!  That was a close shave!


LHR from the car park.  OK, who said "Aren't the cars small?


Way out!  Watch out for that Concorde landing!


At last!  Sitting in my favourite hotel in Highworth with my other Range Rover outside!  And about to eat the best breakfast I've had for 3 months!


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