Avebury, Winterbourne Monkton, Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Bassett



Strange start to a great day!  This filling station had 20 or so wrecked post office delivery vans stacked up.  It doesn't exactly give one confidence in the postal system!  It turned out the owner had a contract with the Post Office for all their wrecked vans countrywide. 



And on to Avebury.  A magical mystical neolithic settlement 4500 years old originally a mile in circumference surrounded by a deep ditch and huge standing stones known as sarsen stones.




This fallen stone is to be lifted by manpower in the same manner as the originals.



The local pub, the Red Lion.

In a recent newspaper publication Aliens are being hailed as the builders of the Avebury stones. Regulars at the Red Lion, the pub which stands in the centre of the circle, are remaining tight lipped about the latest explanation, which is one of many to have been suggested down the years. Apparently the stones are identical to ones on Mars called Cydonia and are arranged in the same formation!  Draw your own conclusions.



The original village well now in the Red Lion lounge




A local drunk outside the pub!




Some of the ring of sarsen stones



Who is this guy anyway?  He gets everywhere.



OMG.  He's really lost it now! 





Part of the ditch that surrounded the original village.







The heart of the village



St James' church, founded in 1000 AD.







Classic Norman porch




Norman font, circa 1125




Part of an oak bell frame dated 1636





Time and tide wait for no-one but - - -

- - - - the clock weights!





Wooden box chest dated 1634







Avebury manor surrounded by a thatched stone wall! 




The old school, now the village hall.  Once a year the world renowned Mummer's play is held here.   

Few have seen it as only 30 or so can get in.  I was privileged to be one of them 5 years ago.








And so to St Mary Magdelene church in Winterbourne Monkton 




The church dates from 1133 and the font is from around this time.









The church of St Katharine and St Peter in Winterbourne Basset



The fine 14th century window



Coffin lid of Hugh Le Despenser and Aliva Bassett, dating to around 1271



Berwick Bassett



The hard to find path to the church  Very narrow and steep.  A great strain for me but worth the effort!



St Nicholas church. 



Wonderful Manor house adjacent to the church.  It dates to the 1400's





Inside the church




Anglo Saxon font





The chancel screen, 15th century with one light divisions and exquisitely carved tracery, top rail and cornice.





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