3 weeks ago we were burgled. I got home around 11.30 and found our metal clad security bolted back door had been kicked in. The door to the cellar was open, the bathroom cabinet ransacked and stuff everywhere, the closet tipped upside down (well the contents, anyway!), drawers opened, the kittens missing, and worst of all the only thing stolen was my brandy! Cheek!

After making sure the burglar(s) weren't still around (scary), I called the police who said they were busy and would get back to me. I didn't call Ginger as I wanted to sort it out before she found out. I then hunted high and low for Pixie and Dixie. Nowhere to be found. Feeling sicker than I've ever felt I called the police back and told them the kittens had been kitnapped. The girl was horrified and said she'd make us priority. 

While I was trying to work out how to handle all this, I decided to check ebay. As I was doing so Dixie calmly jumped into my lap. "Hi Dixie" I absentmindedly said. DIXIE! It suddenly clicked they'd been hiding in fear after the obvious rumpus that had gone on. Poor things must have been terrified. Then the phone went. The police controller said the policeman on his way to us was lost. So he patched me through and I talked him in. 

A nice guy. I showed him 2 large fingerprints on the bathroom mirror where the burglar(s) had opened the cupboard, and he lifted those. Then he spotted two large footprints on our polished wooden floor and said I can't lift those! So I got the trusty Camera out and took a photo. It printed out perfectly. "You'd make a good cop, he said! "More like a one armed bandit" I replied!

After showing him all the various things that were disturbed, he left but immediately called out "Michael you'd better come here!". He had left his car 30 yards down the drive but now it was impaled in the side of the Range Rover!

He tried to make out the burglar must have been hovering around and did it but the truth is he left it in drive with the engine running for the air conditioning (it's 80 here today) and when the AC cut in the engine speeded up and off it went! 

His bumper was crumpled but not a mark on the Range Rover! To add to the day's (unwanted) excitement As I was inspecting the damage I spotted a 4 feet long black snake curled up next to the Range Rover's tire! He had to call another cop to be a witness to the accident and eventually all returned to normal. 

I called around to arrange having the damage to the door fixed (it needs a new one) then ANOTHER cop turned up. He was investigating the car incident! Plus he was told about the buggy and wanted to see that! Anyway I've bodged the door, tidied up so you'd never know anyone had been. So in one day we were burgled, rammed by a cop and threatened by a man eating snake!