Dauntsey swapmeet




It was dark-so dark even the bats were carrying torches. And cold. And early-so early even the worms felt safe. No way did I want to leave the warm envelope of the bed. So on the count of three (seventeen, actually), I forced my reluctant legs to swing onto the floor and prepared for our local disability group swapmeet. 

The drive to Dauntsey was uneventful apart from a minor swerve to avoid a sleeping policeman-they really should wear flashing lights. On arrival some of the others were already there and after the excitement of the ritual greetings (no I was not fine thankyou - I was tired and aching all over - but then so was everyone else and I wasn't going to be the first to admit it! ) we started to unload the tables and boxes of bric-a-brac, books, curtains, scp brochures and spare wheel. Then someone reminded me the spare wheel was not for sale so I sheepishly put it back. Still, it did create an amusing diversion. 

Every now and then Sally's or Carole's laughter would punctuate the hubbub of people arranging the tables - a welcome reminder that we were there as a social group not a forced labour squad! Then a potential victim, sorry, customer stopped at the tables and began to root through the boxes of less saleable items on the ground. To our utter astonishment she held up a bicycle saddle we had been carrying for months ( I had suggested it should be thrown away, but was told we could not throw any donated items away) and asked for a price. After much haggling and many cries of shut up to me for suggesting 3000 pounds, a price of two pounds was agreed on. To a query of will it be comfortable Sally promptly proffered it in front of her (difficult as she was sitting in her electric buggy!) and invited her to sit on it. Which she promptly did, much to everyone's disbelief and much laughter. 

Now our readers might think this hardy band of daring workers suffer all this hardship and pain for the good of friends of scp. We don't. We do it for the bacon rolls. The highlight of the day is a greasy, dripping-with-butter, high calorie, high cholesterol, anti-vegetarian, make-a-pig-of-yourself bacon roll. And a cup of charlie. Tea to Foreigners! After which the packing away can begin. 

The trick now is to have an uncontrollable urge to use the loo (hoping the hard work is done by the time you return!) All the rubbish is thrown into a trashbox to await collection by the very efficient Dauntsey staff. "Should these be in here?" was the cry by someone holding up Mary's handbag, two tens machines (or is that a twenty machine?) and my cellphone. After everything and everyone was safely installed, we wended our weary way home looking forward to a well earned rest - after the boxes had been unloaded and safely stored that is! It was dark by this time, so dark even the owls were using lanterns-----------------.

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