Fairford, Quenington, Coln St Aldwyn and Bibury




But let's start the day off properly with a full English roast beef dinner!



First to fairford.



With its magnificent 14th century church



And its fine collection of stained glass



One of its 7 medieval windows, the greatest collection in England



And its tourists, some of the finest in the country! 



Medival miserichords from around 1460.  World renowned as the best and earliest known.




Tragically one was stolen last year.  The blank piece of oak replaces it.



At the same time the top middle brass was also stolen.  Very rare, very early and priceless



Fine tracery from around 1500


Bell tower ropes



Realistically carved lectern.



The beautifully carved porch


And amusing gargoyles


Fairford High street




Tranquil duck pond on the edge of town



And on to Quenington



With its unique Norman church.




Classic Norman doorway




The main entrance


Norman carving 750 years old.


1655 brass plaque set into the floor


Norman gargoyles and carvings



Norman font with 1662 cover




On to Coln St Aldwyn






With its unusual carved arch



An finally to the jewel in the Cotswold's crown, Bibury


This is probably the most famous row of cottages in the world. 



Right beside this stream





And on to the Bibury Court hotel




Built in 1633


The stately lounge.  Perfect for a refreshing cup of Earl Grey tea.


I wonder how much this would fetch on ebay? 


On to Bibury church - right behind the hotel







With its magnificent William and Mary carved oak settle



And finally home!  I made the Victory myself from the plans of the original ship. 



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