Ginger's trip day two.


Cute nose!  (The cottage, not Ginger!)



Cute eyes!  (Blah blah blah!)


Ginger at East Garston


And at East Shefford, the church in a field


Not bad for 557 years old.  The tomb looks pretty good too!


Ginger!  Why did you push ne down here?


One of the famous elephants


Not a stain on her character!


Autumn's coming.


Gravestones.  Oh, and Ginger!


Our English Range Rover.




Wantage town centre.  And Ginger!


Carved marble and alabaster.


18th century chandelier




Courtyard of the Crown at Faringdon, built in 1673


Inside the Crown. 


Us about to eat a very well cooked meal.


Chocolate fudge cake and real cream for Ginger.  I helped her to eat it so she wouldn't feel TOO guilty!



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