Ginger's trip to England days 4 and 5


Ginger and Michael in front of the 3000 year old Silbury hill.  It is the biggest man made hill in Europe. 


Ginger and a hawthorn bush.  Notice the typically rainy English weather!


And on to Avebury, 2 miles away.  Avebury was built 3000 years ago and consists of a stone age village surrounded by a large ditch and a circle of sarsen stones.


Obviously a stone age man!






Just a little stone I pushed into place!



Ginger in the lychgate of the 12th century Avebury church.




Inside the church







Outside Burford church-the old school built in 1560


Old MG in Burford


Burford high street



Aha!  Another church to be explored!



Widford, 11th century church with a castellated Roman pavement underneath it.


Swinbrook pub.


Swinbrook church




15th century miserichords in Swinbrook


Memorials dated 1504









He's always preaching!



While she sits and dutifully listens.


Minster Lovell church






And behind the church, a delightful surprise.  Oh, and Ginger!


As I'm a gentleman I let Ginger explore the ruin by herself.  Of course the rain had nothing to do with it! 



Boy the weather changes quickly in this country!





Witney town hall built in the 1400's.

Views of Witney church










And views of 12th century Burford church which had just celebrated the harvest festival.










The original 13th century clock which was still working!





1600's tomb of Sir Lawrence and Lady Tanfield.






I've heard of a skeleton in the closet but - - - -?




1577 Tomb of Edmund Harman, barber and personal servant to King Henry VIIIth


And some of his 16 children!







14th century carved font.










And on to Marlborough with the widest high street in England.



Where we stopped here for a cup of tea.


In front of a log fire.



I hope these are geese and not bombers!


Ogbourne St Andrew church and the surrounding area. 
























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