Ginger's last two days.

 (In England, that is!)





First to the Bibury Court hotel built in 1663.  Trust Ginger to stand next to a $350,000 Bentley!







Cottages in Bibury, probably the most photographed in the world.  And Ginger.




Then on to Birdlip hill, one of the local beauty spots.  And one of the local beauties!


One of the local beauties.




On to Cheltenham where I was brought up.  This is Montpellier lined with Regency caryatids.  And Ginger.  Unlined, of course!




Probably the best Regency town in England.










A cottage being re-thatched.







Lydiard Tregoz church full of fantastic monuments.

The golden knight of 1633




Mid 16th century "Conversation piece"


"If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs - - - -"




Memorial dating from 1586





Wall painting from around 1300



Then on to Withington in the heart of the Cotswolds.





Petrol (gas) pumps dating to 1920.  We waited a while but no one came out to serve us!



A quick stop at the Mill inn in Withington built in the 1500's.

I spotted this piece of Mouseman furniture! 



The last day of Ginger's visit saw us in Malmesbury, the oldest town in England being continuously inhabited from 650 AD. 

This is the semi-ruined abbey dating back to 1180.

And Ginger, dating back 21 years (or so!)








This window was made by William Morris of Pre-Raphaelite fame. 


Some of the tiles used on the floor in the 1300's.



Unusual finials on the roof.

Or could they be pigeons?  ;-)



The Bell hotel next to the Abbey daing back to 1200







Good heavens!  Look who's waiting for me!


Fireplace built in 1200.








Art shop


Town centre market cross, built in 1490.


And finally on to the picturesque Wild Duck, built in 1568.


With its amazing duck clock.


And its atmospheric interior.

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