The small town of Highworth, Wiltshire, England.

 Population 8,000. 

7,999 now Ginger's left!

Apologies for lack of pictures, but I needed the space for ebay pictures!  Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!



A picture of the high street taken from the top of the Jesmond hotel.


Lower end of the High street.



The Emporium, full of unusual gifts. 



The 16th century post office where the postmistress was escorted to work by soldiers during WWII as she ran the local resistance movement.












The house of friends of ours who design items for Buckingham Palace and the Victoria and Albert museum



Upper High street with the Jesmond hotel in the distance.  Ginger and I ate there often.






The flower shop.






The Jesmond



The King and Queen inn. 






The bakery and tea-rooms where Ginger bought a loaf of bread!



This small cottage is on the market for over $500,000!






An English roundabout. 









Our English home. 



St Michael's church built in 1250



So this is where the English go on a Sunday!



































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