Sequel to Avebury 2003


You won't believe this, but I was in a nursing home 2 days after Avebury! I woke on Friday morning and couldn't get out of bed! And I was due to leave for America on Monday for 3 months! My ascent of Avebury burial mound had taken its toll. The arthritis in the knee joint had flared up so painfully that the knee could not  bear any weight. 

So I fell out of bed, inched my way to the phone and called the doc! Even he said "You poor thing" when he heard my predicament! I couldn't even reach the taps to make a drink! Or get to the computer to check e-mail! He came round within 20 minutes and called for an ambulance to take me to hospital, where I spent 11 hours on the trolley and in a wheelchair. I felt so helpless, I couldn't even get up out of a chair. All due to that long walk to the burial mound, I guess! 


In the hospital they X-rayed it, sent me to the fracture clinic and put on a long splint. So with one leg paralysed and one splinted I was chair bound! They have sent me to an expensive nursing home to rest but I am still going to America on Monday! To make matters worse this morning I was greeted by the cry of "bad news I'm afraid Michael, the lift's broken down!" And I was on the 2nd floor! Could things get worse? Nope, I managed to get myself to my feet, wash and dress, and stagger downstairs much to the concern and amazement of the staff! The rest on the knee had decreased the inflammation enough for me to be able to stand! One of the staff drove me home on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm and I was due to leave on Monday morning at 9.30 am and I just about got things done in time!


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