Accident! 2003


This is an e-mail I sent to Ginger while she was at work!



Hi honey!

I was in the process of making a trifle and opening a can of fruit. 
As the opener finished the job, the can slipped its moorings, emptying its fluid contents all over the kitchen work surface. In my attempt to save it from spreading, I inadvertently splashed some onto the mains wall socket.
Unbeknownst to me, Le Pew was greedily lapping the juices running 
from the worktop. When the juice reached the socket, the electricity emanating from it conducted itself down the pathway of the juice eventually reaching poor puss. You now have a spiky haired bald cat. But it gets worse! I was so busy trying to catch Le Pew that I hadn't noticed the juice flowingtowards the garage. When it reached your car, the gas tank exploded,shooting jets of lighted fuel from the recently filled tank, igniting the garage and eventually the house neither of which exist any more. Luckily I had my wits about me and managed to salvage my laptop and your overcoat, so you still have something to wear. I am currently sitting by the telephone pole having tapped into the line and hope the battery lasts long enough to send you this. How warm IS the workshop by the way? Le Pew is now on my head getting warm and Sheba is running around like a blue a***d fly trying to catch the few remaining flickering flames. Hope you have a great, worry free afternoon, Michael xxx PS I've attached a picture of what's left, basically the foundations. How much wood is there in the


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