Here is an e-mail I sent to an ebayer requesting shipping charges for a cuckoo clock.  She ended up as the winning bidder at $220!  It pays to make people laugh! 2003



Hi Sandra! Boy you put me to some trouble! I had to dismantle the entire clock and weigh bits separately! When I pulled it from the wall, most of the plaster came with it! God knows what Ginger will say when she gets home! Then the wretched cuckoo opened its door and flew out of the window. It took me 2 hours to catch it. But not until it had laid 3 eggs in our fridge and eaten Ginger's prize orchids. Meanwhile, the dancers started the musical box and began rocking around the clock. Unfortunately we do not have an entertainment licence so I was arrested for that and keeping a disorderly house. Then I dropped a weight on my good foot (see our "Me" section) so I am now legless! Not to be discouraged I carried on with the weighing operation to keep a potential customer (you!) happy and found the total of the now worthless bits of wood and metal to weigh 6 pounds. I then waded my weigh, sorry, way, through the devastation in poor Ginger's otherwise immaculate lounge and went online to discover the cost of shipping, which I believe is where you come into this sad saga! By USPS it will be $9.90 priority mail or 13.10 including 150 insurance. Mmmmmm. I think those pounds should be dollars (forgive this Angliophile!) Hope this information helps and bought a smile to your face. I'm off to phone for a clock restorer and a cleaner. Have a great day, Michael 


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