A trip to Windsor


Yesterday I was in Windsor and visited Bray, famous for the vicar! As I walked past a riverside restaurant there, the Waterside, an oldish preoccupied man walked towards me and briefly glanced up and said "Good afternoon" It was only after he had gone I realised it was one of the Roux brothers, famous as TV chefs, though whether Albert or Michel I have no idea! The restaurant  was actually their much televised inn, and standing outside was a French doorman in a chauffeur type uniform and with a long dark ponytail protruding from the rear! I chatted briefly in French to him but hastily left before he discovered my limitations in that language!


 I then sat on the riverbank for a time and enjoyed the serenity of it all punctuated by the raucous laughter of the local ducks! 



I popped into Windsor later and had tea in the crooked tearooms, so named because they were built of unseasoned timber which subsequently warped and left the building with a distinct drunken ambience! It is situated in the main street in Windsor but alongside it is Queen Charlotte street, the shortest street in Britain at just over 50 feet.



 I then decided to go through Windsor great park.  What I hadn't realised is that it is only open for traffic to residents!  So there I was gaily driving along taking pictures whilst steering with my knee when I heard the sound of a car horn.  It was a park Warden!  He asked me what I was doing and after I'd replied he told me I was breaking the law.  He said that I should be locked up in the Tower of London!  When I explained that I was disabled he relented and said " I could lose my job for doing this, but follow me up the long walk to the road."  Now the long walk is the name of the drive that leads from a high point in the park right to the front door of Windsor castle!  And no one drives up it unless they are Royalty or very closely connected!  But I did! 


Windsor Castle



Windsor from the air.  I took this one one on my last trip over.






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