The beginning of a great adventure!


Dixie's first picture

Pixie's first picture


Big time trouble.

Let me outa here!


This is the life!


I wonder what he keeps in here?

Aha!  Typical man's junk!

You can't say we're too big for our boots!

I think I'll climb this tree.

Now listen you little squirt - - - -

This is a funny shaped bed!

But at least it's comfortable!

You attack the top, I'll handle the bottom!

Wonder what they're packing today?

Have I met you somewhere before?

Sometimes Ginger gets tired - - - -

But she doesn't make a habit of it!

Let's go exploring

This is more like it!


Yummy!  Hope he doesn't spot me!


Notta lot Pix!

Ah!  Here it is!

Sleeping it off


What's going on here, then?


Bridge over the river knee



New window ornaments

Even though Dixie's an adult now, here's an example of the daft things she does!


OK, Pixie and Dixie, who's coming for a ride?  Mmmmmmm?  Just call me Rover! 

More to follow!  Watch this space!







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