Malmesbury, Brinkworth, Lydiard Tregoz, Lea, Lydiard Millcent, Ashbury and Wickham.

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Lydiard Tregoz church - probably the most interesting one I have visited.


A fairly normal interior until you pass through the arch.


Full of monuments and painted ceilings and walls.



The jewel in its crown - the golden cavalier monument. 



The floor is paved with brass plaques.  This one dates to 1648.












Lydiard house, 17th century home of the St John family.












Set in spectacular grounds



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- - - - to Malmesbury - probably the oldest town in England.






Malmesbury abbey, built in 1170.  Monks were on this site as early as 674.




The world famous Norman carved entrance.







Stone coffin from around 800 AD












The Burne-Jones window, made after his death by William Morris  













The road out of Malmesbury.



Lea - no kea! 















Bible printed by Robert Barker in 1634
















East Shefford, the church in a field!  It ceased being the main church many years ago.  Access is via a key that is in a wooden box on a local villager's fence!  No sign to indicate this.  If you don't know about it you don't get in!  



Medieval marble tomb.  The floor is covered with 15th century tiles.












I'll come back to this one!






Wickham revisited.  











The amazing elephants!






Ashdown house.  Built in 1634 for the Elizabeth the winter Queen of Bohemia.  She was the sister of Charles II but died before she could take up residence.    












Me urning a living!












Lydiard Millicent church.  






Brinkworth church

Interior of Brinkworth church



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