Chicago 6pm Sunday


Off to England - - - - - -


- - - - - - Very quickly!

Small but pretty!

Central London - river Thames.  Between the two lower bridges are the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben.

The London Eye, biggest ferris wheel in the world! 

Are we supposed to land on the road - - - - - - -

- - - - - - or the runway?

First pick up my Range Rover from Lisa's.  When I left it here 3 months ago my friend Maurice was still alive.  Tragic. 

Then along to see my favourite 1000 year old church (Inglesham) just down the road.

The sun's rays glinting off the warm ancient stone.  The carved wood is 15th century. 


The 800 year old font.

Sun through the ancient windows.

An English country lane.

Ah!  Supper!  A pheasant taking an evening stroll.  Now where did I put my slingshot?  ;-)

The bridge at Lechlade on Thames from the Riverside pub.

Uh oh!  I hope she doesn't charge!

Another view from the Riverside pub with dozens of swans gracing the water.

Sunset outside Inglesham.

Not an everyday scene in England!  Or is it?  Street musicians maybe? 


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