Sevenhampton, Sir Richard Evans, Ian Fleming and South Marston



What better way to start the day than a full English breakfast? 


Then off to Sevenhampton, a tiny village 5 miles away.  This is the gate lodge to Warneford Court, former home of the late Ian Fleming, author of James bond.  It is now owned by the multi millionaire Paddy McNally of Grand Prix fame.  



Then off to pick up the enormous key to the church.



Sevenhampton church nestling in a picturesque valley






Pretty walk lined with rugosa rosehips.


Finally!  The key to the door!










Victorian gas lamp fittings

Originally the church had a spire.  But lightning destroyed it.






Sir Ian Fleming's grave. 

And back to the Range Rover past the lovely rosa rugosa hedge.  

It's a carefree rose, picky only about drainage. It will grow in salty conditions, shade, full sun, and poor soil, so long as it's well-drained. 

There's other reasons to grow this beauty besides the low maintenance. Large blooms cover this plant in early summer, giving way to sporadic blossoms up to the first frost. And the fragrance is sweet and pleasant, carrying for yards at a time. The blooms later give way to lucious brick-red rose hips so large that they look like cherry tomatoes. And if that weren't enough, sometimes the yellow to orange to red fall color can be excellent




I'd left the Range Rover in the driveway of Sir Richard Evans, former British Ambassador to Beijing and chairman of the military division of British Aerospace .  He came out to greet me and we spent 10 minutes chatting until his wife demanded his attendance at the dinner table! 



His home was a superb 15th century house

Staddle stones in his garden

And a few ducks in the village wandering along the road.



Then off to South Marston 4 miles away






Again I had to get the key off Greg, the vicar.  Another monster!  I take a size 12 so you can guess the size of it! 




At last!  A few moments of rest. 








The operating mechanism of the font cover.  Similar to rise and fall room lighting.

The village school



The high street with the local pub in the distance.

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